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iPads in student hands enhance education beginning next school year

The 2017 school year marked the beginning of the St Dominic Savio School Digital Learning Initiative wherein Profuturo introduced the use of individual iPads to be used by all students and to be retained at school for use in class. We will continue this program this coming year, but also we are introducing a separate digital learning program that enables the student to own their tablet for a fee of Tsh250,000. All students in preschool, in primary and in secondary will be required to purchase their own iPad for use over their  school career. We at the school will arrange how and where to get those tablets so as to conform with the learning application we have paid for, TeseaApp.

The us e of these tablets will allow us to further integrate technology into the best teaching practices already used in our classrooms. St Dominic Savio has provided students with state of the art technology access for many years. Every classroom functions as a multimedia room with an LCD projector, sound system and teacher computer. And the faculty routinely integrates the use of these technologies and multimedia resources into the curriculum.

What’s more, is that we planning to have three mobile wireless laptop carts for each school which are used in many different classes each day, a language lab, and a math lab. Students have access to computers and printers throughout the buildings in our various units. All students using the iPad as a learning device is the next logical step.

The benefits of digital learning

Digital learning enhances student critical thinking and problem solving capabilities, as well as supports self-directed learning. This program will teach our students how to engage responsibly in a digital environment and strengthen their 21st century skills such as understanding the ethical use of technology, accountability, social responsibility and personal productivity. It supports creativity and innovation, communication and information skills, as well as global awareness and civic literacy. Acquiring this knowledge and developing these skills will better position our students for their future college years and beyond. 

Using iPads will allow us to replace some of the textbooks with iBooks and e-books, lightening the load students must carry with them every day. Additionally, it will reduce the cost spent on textbooks, which may offset the cost of the iPad over the course of many years of primary and secondary school. Students will be able to access original documents, videos and other curriculum materials at anytime from anywhere inside the school and outside, too, which facilitates anywhere–anytime learning. These iPads provide a way for students and teachers to engage in an interactive, student-centered learning environment.