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Admissions Procedures

St. Dominic Savio Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in Tanzania welcome boys and girls of all nationalities, races, religions and cultural heritage.

Selection Process

All students seeking admission to  the Nursery, Primary or Secondary section take an entrance assessment. This applies for those not beginning their school year at the beginning of the semester, notably from other schools.

Where students are equal on merit and there are limited places available, precedence will first be given to siblings of students already attending any of the St Dominic Savio Schools and second to siblings of graduates of St Dominic Savio Schools Secondary School.


Time of Admission

Admission normally takes place at the beginning of the School year in January. Students will be admitted mid-year if there are places available.



Announcements are made in the local newspaper inviting applications for admission. Information is provided regarding the closing dates for submitting application forms, as well as the dates and times of the entrance assessment. Before sitting for an entrance assessment, a completed application form has to be submitted with a good faith deposit.

Where there are more eligible applicants than available places for a particular year group, admission will be on a first come, first served basis.

Parents should contact the School for alternate arrangements if their children are not able to sit the entrance assessment on the scheduled date. the School will accommodate an alternate date if there are still places available in that year group.


Visit to Our Schools

Parents and prospective students are most welcome to make an appointment to meet the Head Teacher to tour the schools. You can make such arrangements by calling the respective school or campus of your choice.

Office hours are 7.15 am to 4.00 pm


1. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Kigonzile Primary School 

2. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Main Campus Primary School

3. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Mkimbizi Primary School

4. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Kigonzile Secondary School (O'level)

5. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Kigonzile Secondary School (A'level)

6. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Tosamaganga Secondary School

7. Application Form for Admission Cagrielo Girls' Secondary School

8. Application Form for Admission St. Dominic Savio Ngelewala Primary School