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                                                                SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS

This year marks the 25th anniversary of service to the common good, relentless dedication with undiminished splendour for our beloved schools director Fr. Aidan Ulungi at the church. We are witnessing unfolding before our eyes the fruits of such efforts and in his embrace of promotion of education earlier on in his life as his paramount objective. Thus the spread far and wide of all these learning places going by the name of St Dominic Savio in Iringa town and its outskirts.

   This event will be hosted at the main campus in town on the 28th - August 2021. We do appreciate your input as well wishers and parents, alumni of our schools and all those associated with us in one way or another for your efforts in furtherance of our goal, eradication of ignorance while promoting learning through formal education for the young in our population. More details will come later. Thank you